• Yes, and yes. However, thankfully we human beings have evolved natural defense mechanisms against such wild conditions.

    In the winter, layers work well, and you will be shedding them within three minutes of the warm-up.

  • You get wet!

    Actually, you don’t. We are well protected by the highway so sessions are not cancelled when it rains. We only cancel for typhoons, or any other weather that would make it tough to get to the venue, but a little rain, snow, or wind just adds to the experience.

  • There is a small public bathroom nearby (cleaner than you might expect thanks to high ward taxes!) where some people change. Most folks change at home or work before they come.

    There are no showers, but there are several sentō (public baths) within a few minutes walk from Intensity Matters. They are great options to freshen up after a workout, though most people just wipe off with a towel or towel wipes and then head home for a satisfying shower and post-workout recovery meal.

    Aqua Garden Mitsukoshi | アクアガーデン三越湯

    東京都港区白金 5 – 12 – 16


    Hours: 15:30 – 22:50

    Closed on Fridays & 3rd Thursday of the Month

    Bath is ¥450 / Sauna + ¥750

    Toiletry set / towel available for purchase

    Horaiyu | 宝来湯

    東京都渋谷区恵比寿 3 – 39 – 5


    Hours: 16:00 – 24:00

    Closed on Saturdays

    Bath is ¥450 / Sauna + ¥300

    Toiletry set / towel available for purchase

    Hiroo Bath | 広尾湯

    東京都港区広尾 5 – 4 – 16


    Hours: 15:00 – 24:00

    Closed on Wednesdays

    Bath is ¥400

    Toiletry set / towel available for purchase

    Tamagikuyu | 玉菊湯

    東京都港区白金 3 – 2 – 3


    Hours: 15:30 – 22:00

    Closed on Thursdays and Holidays

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  • Tons… for bicycles. Most Intensity Matters members cycle or walk from the nearest train station, but there are several nearby car parks with standard Tokyo prices. 


  • Our average client to coach ratio is 6:1. Classes have a very personal group training feel to them, which is great so you receive both the benefits of group camaraderie and personal instruction within the session!

  • It’s totally normal to feel anxious about starting a new exercise routine, especially if you might be lacking confidence in your ability. Our goal is to give you that confidence, and the ability!

    Intensity Matters sessions are meticulously programmed to ensure that all fitness levels can participate. Everyone in our community is very supportive, so wherever you are now is a perfect place to start.

  • In short, as little or as often as you’d like. We found there is a disconnect between gym policies and the real world. Work is busy, schedules are crazy, and people cannot always take advantage of those pricey monthly gym packages.

    At Intensity Matters, we get it. Credits technically don’ expire. If you buy a package of 4 sessions, for example, you can use them in one week, or over the course of one month, or three!

  • Not much needed. Just suit up to run, jump, lift, pivot, and swim. (totally kidding about the swimming. Sadly we don’t have a pool yet.)

    A water bottle is also highly recommended, although there is a public water fountain and vending machines close by.



  • If you are asking this question and reading this answer, your English is probably good enough! The sessions are primarily taught in English. Yet we have no problem giving instructions in Japanese as well. Either way, most exercises can be understood through demonstration and observation so 英語が話せない日本人にも大歓迎!

  • Yes, we can! Get in contact so we can start the conversation about keeping you moving on your own and while you are on the go.


  • Nope. There are no registration fees, membership fees, or oh-we-forgot-to-tell-you-about-this-fee fees. You are coming to workout, and that is what you will be paying for.

  • You must reserve your spots beforehand. We plan our classes based on who is in the class. We know our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, long and short term goals, and all of that is factored into the session.

    For your first session, you can go to our online calendar and set a profile for yourself. From there just sign yourself into any of the available classes. That first session will be on the house and is your opportunity to try Intensity Matters.

  • You can bring five friends, but remember, please mail beforehand to find out about available space in the session.

  • First, in order to make a reservation online, you need a Intensity Matters account. You can get one of those bad boys by signing into our online calendar. Second, you need to buy credits (see next question for more info. on credits). Once you have some credits you can make a reservation.

  • Yes, there is a chance you can still join. First, put your name on the waiting list. If someone cancels, you will automatically be placed in the class and be notified by your registered e-mail. Or you can just get in touch with the coach to find out if there is room.

  • Twinkies don’t expire, so why should credits. Though credits don’t expire we do hope that you would put your fitness first. Clients who come more than once a week always report the best results from our program. Even once a week is OK. That is a certainly enough time for the busiest of people to make their fitness a priority. There are a number of world leaders who workout several times a week. Are you busier than a president of a nation?


    You can make a reservation for that day’s session up until 17:30 (2 hours before the class).

    If you are still worried that your boss might ask for that report at 18:30, then you have the option of calling us when you leave the office. If there is room in the session you are welcome to join last minute. Please keep these points in mind:

    For last minute changes/additions, please call!
    Before sessions we are hauling equipment around and working out. We’re not glued to our phones but will do our best to answer, or call back.

  • No, we are not a CrossFit box. Although our credentials include CrossFit certifications, and we believe in functional exercise and the concept of cross-training, our philosophy and practices do differ. Those who have had experience with CrossFit in the past have enjoyed Intensity Matters sessions. We love our CrossFit friends, and appreciate CrossFit’s role in creating more health-conscious people.