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Monday 17th July 2017

2017年7月17日 (月曜日)


No matter what sport you play, speed makes you better! 
In this intense 1-day workshop you will learn from some of the top athletics coaches how to turn your strength and power into fast, superior performance in any sport. Get to the top of your game… and stay there.

It’s a jam-packed day of intense sessions! This workshop will challenge all attendees, both mentally and physically, to become better at whatever sport they do. Everyone is welcome to join; from athletes to sports enthusiasts to coaches and even the regular gym goer. If developing explosive speed is important to you, you definitely don’t want to miss this unique workshop!
 The attendees will be split into three groups based on skill and experience. Each group will then rotate through the three, exciting 75-min sessions throughout the day.  In the end, you’d cover everything you need to become stronger, quicker and faster at your game.

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  • 学ぶ|理論編|教室での座学

    Building Strength for Speed |スピードを上げるための筋力をつける

    Tyrone Jones II – Japan National Speed Skating Team Strength Coach
    タイロン・ジョーンズ スピードスケート日本代表チームトレーナー

  • Tyrone began personal training during his university days and has since worked with a number of clients of all ages, shapes and sizes achieve their health, fitness and performance goals. He is currently the strength trainer for Japan’s National Short Track Speed Skating Team. Born and raised in the USA, exercise and fitness have always been a big part of his life. He has competed in collegiate level track and football and now is an active CrossFitter. All of these athletic ventures have instilled great things in him: discipline, leadership, and a great work ethic. Most important of the gifts Tyron has been blessed with is an unshakable faith in the impossible. He encourages those around him to look past their limitations and realize that with faith anything is possible!

タイロン・ジョーンズ スピードスケート




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  • トレーニング|エクササイズ編|トラックでのセッション

    Sprinting Speed & Agility | スプリントの速度アップとアジリティ(敏捷性)

    Allan Wooding – Athletics Coach, Intensity Matters 
    アラン・ウディング 陸上コーチ、Intensity Matters


  • Right from an early age, as soon as Allan learned to walk, he started to run. At university in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago, Allan ran competitively, getting himself within milliseconds of Olympic qualifications. After moving to Japan in 2005, he coached track & field at high schools in Nagasaki for 5 years. Then in 2012 he moved to Tokyo and started one of the city’s only outdoor functional training gyms, now called Intensity Matters, as a Level 2 CrossFit coach. At the same time, Allan never stopped competing in shirt distance track and sprint triathlons. He plans on running 100 metres in 10 seconds at the upcoming Japan Masters Class Track and Field meet. His unique background combining speed and functional movement gives him unparalleled insight into how to make you faster. Allan puts emphasis on technique, discipline, and intensity for all functional movements. His ongoing quest to improve himself overflows into a desire to lift up all those that he works with.

アラン・ウディング Intensity Matters, 始祖

アランの母国であるトリニダード・トバゴの大学に進む頃、陸上競技で活躍するようになり、国のオリンピック代表に選ばれるタイムにミリ秒足りないだけの俊足を誇っていました。2005年に日本に移住し、長崎の高校で陸上のコーチを5年間務めた後、2012年に上京するとクロスフィット・コーチとして東京初のアウトドア・ファンクショナル・トレーニングのジムを始めました。Intensity Mattersと新しい名前の付いた今もこのアウトドア・ジムを精力的に続けています。また、陸上の短距離走やスプリント・トライアスロンなどで競うこともやめてはいません。次の日本マスターズ陸上競技選手権大会では100mを10秒以内で走るという目標を掲げています。アランの、スピードとファンクショナル・トレーニングを取り入れたメニューは、すべての機能的な動作にテクニック(技術)、ディシプリン(訓練)、インテンシティ(激しさ)を取り入れたユニークなもので、アスリートがスピードを上げるための最適なトレーニングです。彼の絶えることのない自己に対する向上心は、一緒にいる皆にも伝染します。スピードを付けたいのならば、アランと一緒に走ってみるべきでしょう!

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  • スポーツ|実践編|フィールドでのスポーツのセッション

    Effective Use of  Speed in Sport | スポーツでスピードを活用する

    Takakazu Nishiwaki – BC Project, Nagoya. Sports Conditioning Coach
    西脇崇量 元中京大学スポーツ・コンディショニング・コーチ

  • Taka, a native of Gifu Prefecture, completed his studies in Athletic Training at New York State University, Buffalo. While in the USA, he had the chance to work with elite, major league athletes in soccer and baseball while interning at Athletes’ Performance (now EXOS) and the Major League Soccer team. In addition, he was also a Honolulu marathon trainer for  2011-2012.
    After returning to Japan, he started at Chukyo University, Nagoya where he coached with Olympic track and field athletes (including Kana Ichikawa and Dean Genki), swimmers, figure skaters, kick boxers and various students athletes. Now as a brand new father, he has slowed his busy schedule and is currently coaching private clients at BC Project in Nagoya.

西脇 崇量 BC Project、名古屋